#22 – Gary McGowan – Optimizing your Health

This week’s guest is Gary McGowan, or otherwise known as skinny gazGary is a trainer, Physiotherapist, medical student and the co-owner of Triage Method which provides Science based training & Nutrition coaching to it’s clients.

He is one of the most knowledgeable & passionate people that I know when it comes to personal training.

So if you are ever stuck for information for Personal Training, Fitness, Nutrition or life in general i would highly recommend follow gary on instagram @skinnygaz.You can find more information about gary & his coaching business on Triagemethod.com.In this episode we talk about:

  • Gary’s definition of optimal health.
  • Maximizing your time in the gym
  • Habits & Routines
  • along with many other topics.


1.31 | Gary’s background & story

3.00 | Decision process to study Medicine

5.30 | What did you aspire to be when you were younger?

7.30 | Early influences

9.30 | 2ez Mindset

13.30 | Triage Method

16.05 | Gary’s Advice to aspiring personal trainers

20.00 | Approach to optimizing you health

32.15 | How much protein do you need?

36.55 | Advice to someone who want’s to get stronger and build muscle

41.00 | Programming your own exercise program

46.45 | Advice that is often misleading within the fitness industry

49.10 | Definition of Optimal health

52.40 | Trusting advice from online sources

1.04.17 | Being grateful

1.07.40 | Final Remarks

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