#20 – Alison Canavan – Wellness, Mindfulness and Listening to yourself

This week’s guest is Alison Canavan. Alison Canavan is a UCLA trained Mindfulness Facilitator from The Semel Institute of neuroscience and human behaviour.She is an award winning author of wellness book “Minding Mum”, a health and wellness coach, Master NLP Practitioner and International motivational speaker.

Having travelled the world as one of Ireland’s most successful international models for nearly two decades, in recent years she has devoted her time to her greatest passion: true health and wellbeing.Alison’s primary goal and passion. is  Helping people to join the dots with their health and wellbeing Alison has a weekly wellness column called ‘NIRVANA’ in The Sunday Independent and a column in Positive Life Magazine.

She has contributed to numerous publications through the years including You Magazine, VIP Magazine, The Daily Mail, pregnancy and parenting and many more. She is also a regular contributor to radio and TV shows.Without further ado, let’s get right into the episode.

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