#19 – Joe O’Roibin – Achieving academic success

This week’s guest is Joe O’Roibin. He is currently a computer science student in NUIG. Although he is quite young he has achieved many things already particularly in the academic field. Some of his academic achievements include: 10 A’s in the Junior Certificate, 6 H1 and 1 H2 in the Leaving Certificate. Received multiple scholarships including: Noughton Scholarship, JP McManus All Ireland and the NUIG Academic achievement scholarship. He was also the key person in starting his local CoderDojo. 


  • 1.40 – Background & Story
  • 2.30 – What are you motivated by
  • 9.50 – Where do you see yourself in the future
  • 21.00 – Social Media 
  • 28.30 – Strategies used to study
  • 38.20 – Mental Health & Learning
  • 44.50 – Metalearning
  • 54.10 – Learning languages
  • 57.40 – Dealing with exam pressure

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