#14 Scott Young – Master your learning with Ultralearning

This week’s Guest is Scott Young. Scott is a lifelong learner, author and a online entrepreneur. He has undertaken self education projects such as learning the entire MIT’s computer science curriculum within 12 months, learning 4 languages in one year along with many others projects.

He has recently published his book ‘Ultralearning‘ which is a Wall Street Journal and a national best seller. Within the book, Scott shares the 9 principles that have helped him learn difficult and seemingly impossible skills within a short period of time quickly and effectively .

If you are a student, want to excel within your career, or just have a desire to learn a new skill or subject, this book is definitely for you. Scott runs a website scotthyoung.com where he has published over a thousand articles on learning, productivity and other life hacks he has learned over the years.

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#14 – Scott H Young – Master your learning with Ultralearning


  • Background & Story (1:45)
  • What made you write the book? (3:00)
  • What kind of person were you in school? (4:30)
  • Flunecy in languages (7:30)
  • How do you maintain your language fluency? (11:00)
  •  Single best tip to learn a language (14:15)
  • What are you currently most excited about? (16:00)
  • Biggest failure that you have encountered? (18:45)
  • Advice to a 20 year old self? (22:45)
  • What does your typical day look like? (24:25)
  • MIT Challenge (26:30)
  • How did you come with the 9 principles that you used in the book? (29:40)
  • Audiobooks vs Physical books? (32:30)
  • What is your approach to reading books? (35:15)
  • How did you learn how to learn? (38:00)
  • Advice to an aspiring Author (40:00)
  • Favorite part of being an  Author? (42:00)
  • Difficulties that are part of writing (43:15)
  • What are the skills that are important in the information age? (45:00)
  • How does someone excel within their career? (47:00)
  • How do you deal with being overwhelmed? (50:45)
  • How do you choose a book that you want to read? (53:00)
  • 1 – 3 Books that have influenced your life (57:20)
  • Who comes to mind when you think of ‘successful’? (58:45)
  • Advice to a college student who is about to graduate (1:01:40)
  • What would you put on a billboard? (1:04:30)

Thank you for listening to this week’s episode 🙂

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