#13 Kevin Harte

Kevin Harte

This week’s guest is Kevin Harte, and no it’s not the one your thinking of, not yet at least.He is someone I grew up with and know from school. Kevin is currently a final year conmerce international student in UCC. He recently finished an internship in KPMG, which we will get into throughout the episode.Throughout his Journey, he has dealt with various physical & mental challenges, learning and becoming a better person as a result. He is a highly driven individual, his prime drivers are his family & role models. He will share how important his family is in everything he does. Most importantly he is a huge advocate of promoting positive mental health within communities, especially among young people. Kevin is also one of The cycle against suicide national student Leaders. He has many diverse interests but his main interest lies in investing, Stocks & Trading.In this episode some of the things we discuss are:

You can find Kevin on LinkedIn, and Instagram @hartekevin

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Background & Story (1:50)

Kevin’s Reading habits (3:00)

Favorite books (5:30)

3 tips on investing (11:25)

How to start trading? (17:45)

Overcoming difficult challenges (23:40)

Maintaining good mental health (29:00)

Finding the dream career (53:00)

Tool’s & Books mentioned:

blueprint for success – warren buffet

Chaos monkeys – Antonio García Martínez

DEGIRO – Trading App

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Thank you for listening to

This week’s episode & I hope you enjoyed it.

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