Episode 10 – Daniele Di Tofano

This week’s guest is Daniel Di Tofano.

He is a digital marketer, online fitness coach and an online entrepreneur. His personal Instagram which is @danieleditofano contains content about improving your life mainly by adopting a new mindset.

Daniel is also the owner of several Instagram pages including @topgymtips & @physiotrition

He dropped out from college to pursue his own passion and is very successful in doing so. He is currently travelling the world & working remotely, managing his digital businesses.

Some of the questions that I asked: 

– What are you passionate about? (4:00)

– What’s it like to work for yourself? (17:00)

– What was the turning point for you? (26:00)

– Current source of income, how do you fund your travels (40:30)

– 3 biggest lessons learned (52:00)

– What message would you display to the world (1:17:00)

Thanks for listening to this week’s epsiode 🙂

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