Episode 6: Mattress Mick

“Believe in yourself” – Mattress Mick

This week’s guest is Mattress Mick. Mattress Mick is one of Ireland’s most recognizable businessman. He is best known for his unique way of selling mattresses using social media, crazy videos and Guerrilla marketing techniques.

He has appeared on television on numerous occasions, been retweeted about by Stephen Fry and has an award winning Documentary ‘Mattress Men’. His YouTube video ‘Back with a bang’has over 180k views and counting.

#6 Mattress Mick


Who is Mattress Mick? (1:35)

Why he began selling mattresses? (2:00)

Most proudest achievement (15:00)

Vision for the future (26:25)

Motivation to keep going (27:00)

Caring about his customers (32:00)

early life(33:30)

previous ventures(34:30)

Vision for his life when he was younger (37:00)

What he would do if he could do it all over again? (39:00)

Failures & Lessons learned(40:00)

Being recognized in Public (40:30)

Importance of being positive (43:30)

Religious habits(46:00)

Donations to Apollo House (47:30)

Advice to a 20 year old self (50:30)

Disinterest in material things & money (53:00)

Personal Philosophy on life (55:00)

Being kind to other’s (56:30)

Getting help when you need help (1:00:00)

Helping other people? (1:03:00)

People Mick respects & admires (1:05:00)

No urge to retire (1:09:00)

What he does to relax (1:12:00)

Dealing with stress (1:16:00)

Work is a hobby (1:18:30)

Thoughts on being a well known figure (1:20:30)

Advice to a college student (1:24:00)

Believe in yourself (1:26:00)

Where to buy a mattress (1:26:30)

Mattress Mick’s website: mattressmick.ie

Show notes for the episode can be found on: chasingpassion.ie

Follow ‘chasingpassionpodcast’ on Instagram & Facebook.

Thank you for listening to this week’s episode and I hope you enjoyed it.

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