Episode 2: Brendan O’Dowd

The first Guest on the show is Brendan O’Dowd. Brendan has worked in the data world for decades and has invaluable experience in Product Management, Leadership & Data. Even though Brendan is a native Irishman, he has spent the bulk of his career in the US, leading teams primarily in Data and has unique & crucial, insights into management & leadership. . He has an MBA,  a degree in Economics  & has done extensive training in management along with decades of practical experience leading many different teams. Since Brendan’s move to Ireland, where he now leads a young & innovative team, he managed to drastically reduce attrition, build skills, introduce business processes and knowledge management within the team, and achieve the highest ranking employee satisfaction metric that his division ever had. This is all a thanks to his unique ways of management  and the principles he has used.

In this episode, we cover many topics, some of which include:

  • Background & Story
  • Leading teams in US vs Ireland
  • How he got into the career he is in now
  • Decision making progress
  • Importance of Emotional intelligence, soft skills and self awareness.
  • What superpower he would like to posses.
  • Unusual habits
  • and much more..

Books / Tools mentioned:

7 Habits of Highly Effective People | Strength Finder | First 90 Days

DISC Assessment | 16 Personalities

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