Episode 1: Introduction

Episode 1 – Introduction

I have finally launches my own podcast! This episode features information about myself & the podcast in general. If you want to have a listen you can do so at the following sites


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Pocket Cast

Summary of the episode:

  • My name is Dom. (well.. my nickname i guess)
  • I’m a final year Computer Science Student.
  • Podcast will involves myself having a conversation with many different people from all walks of life who are passionate about what they do, where the goal is to help other people identify their own passion in life.
  • The name represents a chase, a pursuit.. towards finding the work you love, i.e your passion.
  • An episode will be released every Monday Morning, where I will have a chat with a guest about their background, career and the knowledge they accumulated over the years.
  • I am always looking for feedback, suggestions, ideas, questions, people to interview…..so if you do have any ideas, reach out to me through social media
  • Thank you for reading